Sunday, 19 April 2015


There are six books in the OMGIAG trilogy, a nice number for a trilogy if you ask me.  Those books are at this point called Kev, Barflurgle, Arag, Clive, the girl, and Nigel.  Here is a brief rundown on these books.

Kev is a story told from the perspective of Kev, of course.  Kev is a guy with some memory problems and no small amount of adversity to face.  He has to save humanity, the universe and then all existence(no the universe is NOT all existence.)  The story starts on the day of Kev's ninth birthday and stretches out over a thousand years(37,000 years Kev's time.)  Stuck on a deadly intergalactic game show hosted by a diabolical autonomous electronic entity named B24ME, Kev must figure things out or spend all eternity confused and beleaguered.  By the end of his tale, Kev will be asking himself a very important question, perhaps the ultimate question.  The answer just might surprise him.

Barflurgle is an absolutely ridiculous book, in which the narrator, me, constantly inserts his musings into the story, sometimes giving things away and sometimes moving the plot along mainly because he is lazy and impatient and isn't at all interested in writing a huge book.  The story follows a rather large cast of characters including Kev, Clive, the girl, Bri, the Proth Sphere, and Aputi.  Some of the new characters are Chot, Ralf, Carly, Zeus, Odin, Jove, Thor, Ares, Venus, Jenny Abrams, and Miles, the anti-Kev.  I tried to give the story a plot, but the characters, willful and stubborn did whatever they wanted to do.  So, the story is a little twisted.  However there is a beginning and a middle part and an ending, despite the fact that the characters, with the exception of Chot, didn't want the story to end.  In the end, an end that I think you will agree is surprising(It surprised the hell out of me anyway), someone wins the game.  I'm tempted to tell you who it is, but if you read this carefully you might figure out who it is.

Arag is a Neanderthal.  Arag has many doubts and those doubts can seriously alter reality.  But this book isn't just about Arag.  We have Penny, Arag's true love, Meta and Beta, philosophers, Pocus and Grav, magicians of sorts, Bathiton, a wizard(maybe not a real wizard), Kev and the gang, Nigel, a little boy with a powerful imagination, Turks, a reporter for the Infinite Revisionist and Reboot Press, terminal, a terminal, Bok Choy, Brok, Via, Piter, a man who possesses a rather unique timepiece, and maybe a few other less important characters.  They are playing the game with Kev, but the rules have changed.  Some will try to win the game.  Some will try to make it so that nobody wins.  Some will just spread chaos and misery throughout the universe.  Enjoy some Gak dancing, green tea, a game of musical God, and something called time twisting.

Clive is the story of Clive when he was a boy.  It is only partially written, but I can tell you this.  Things happen in this book and they happen for a reason.  Clive will explore love, rejection, the many joys of ruling hell, and finding meaning in an otherwise confusing life.

The girl is, as you might guess, the story of the girl.  Not a single page of this book has been written.  It will be written with Nigel sometime this summer.  The girl hasn't gotten all that much attention in the OMGIAG series so far.  However, she is quite the important character.  Anyway, this book will right the wrongs that have been done to her.  To be completely honest, she is my favorite character in the series. I know you wouldn't be able to guess that if you've read the other books, but it is true.

Finally, Nigel is the story of a young boy with a powerful imagination.  Nigel plays a pretty big role in Arag, but I thought it would be good to tell you his story.  Of course, I don't know what that story is yet because I haven't read the book.  I'll figure it out.  Nigel and the girl will probably come out some time in October.

Now, I have been considering adding a seventh book to the trilogy.  That book is Aputi.  However, I'm not so sure what I would do with that deranged Bladrithian, a lover of filth and chaos.  We'll see.