Saturday, 27 February 2016

Quantum Alignment

In the interests of keeping your interest, I will not begin at the beginning.  Well, technically there is no beginning.  So, what I mean to say is I will not begin at the beginning of this tale.  But didn’t this tale begin at the beginning (the one that does not exist?)  Of course it began at the beginning, but perhaps not the beginning of everything (technically there is no beginning of everything.  Just thought you should know that because it will be important later on.)  Anyway, I am not going to begin at the most logical point in time to call the beginning of this tale because that time is so far back in time (by the way, time doesn’t exist), that it would take far too long to really explain everything in a time period that would be suitable for you (in other words, you would likely die before I finished the tale.)
Fifty thousand human years prior to the human discovery of DNA, something that is part of most intelligent life in the universe in one form or other, another civilization living in a system three hundred thirty-seven light years from Earth made a related discovery.  This civilization (lets call them Pedants for now, for reasons that will become abundantly clear as the tale unfolds) discovered something humans would later name quantum alignment.
The Pedants were not a DNA based life form.  Rather, they were the genesis of RNA, and in fact had no DNA at all.  However, quantum alignment did ultimately define the behavior of their RNA molecules, and for that matter, all of the other molecules in their bodies.  In fact, quantum alignment pretty much determined, at least in the physical world, everything about everything.
That said, the human discovery of quantum alignment, or at least their limited discovery thereof, hinted that quantum alignment played some role in human evolution. This theory humans developed some time around 2037, right about the time that the Pendants discovered Earth.  Not long after the pedants made contact with humanity, they shared their more developed and pretty much confirmed (by science of course) theory of quantum alignment, thus uplifting human knowledge and at the same time making humans a pretty pissed off bunch (you would be pretty pissed off yourself if for ages you had thought you had free will when you really were no more than automaton, wouldn’t you?)
What is quantum alignment?  Functionally, it was the mechanism that determined quantum state (forget about collapsing waves and all that nonsense.)  Philosophically, it was the end of free will.  Do I have your attention now?  I certainly hope so.  I mean, I know this is all rather dry and that you would like me to get to the action and drama and all of that.  However, I need you to at the very least start to digest the significance of quantum alignment.
I need you to understand so that you will be able to understand why things have turned out this way, now that free will has been restored in the human year 3737.  Restored?  Yes.  For reasons I will soon explain, quantum alignment is no more.  And for reasons I will also explain, everything has gone to shit.
Of course, if you think general mayhem is appealing, you might not agree with me.  Of course, if you think that, you are likely entirely normal at this point in time.
So, DNA, RNA, and quantum alignment.  Why group these three?  The explanation is quite simple, and likely already obvious.  Given that humans and pedants were configured by this stuff, and given their discovery of quantum alignment, and their subsequent conclusion that quantum alignment determined the evolution of their respective races and determined everything about them, every thought, impulse and action, they theorized they had no free will, and further, given that they did not like this one bit, they set out to rectify the situation.  In fact, humans and pedants, who happened to get along smashingly, set out to solve this problem together.
Two individuals, in particular, a human, Piter Balthiton, and a pedant, Lutz Follen, were most instrumental in the elimination of the one thing that kept everything from going to shit.  I won’t be giving anything away if I tell you that they are pretty pleased with themselves right now, those bastards.
Just so you know, because I think you should know, I saw this coming.  Further, I have to admit I was mildly curious and maybe a little too eager to see what might happen if certain constraints were lifted.  However, it was not I who instituted the change.  In fact, I tried to stop them, but, for reasons that will be clear to you later on, I failed utterly.

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