Sunday, 6 March 2016

Currently working on...

Picking back up the omgiag series now, putting finishing touches on Barflurgle.  Fleshing out Arag.  And, going back through Nigel, which needs a good amount of going back through.

Barflurgle and Arag are both direct sequels to Kev.  Nigel is a sequel to Arag.  Got it?

As for other books in omgiag, I have done a good amount of work on Clive and have done some work on the girl and have some vague ideas for B24ME.  However, I might take a pass at Piter after I wrap up Barflurgle, Arag and Nigel.

Why Piter?  Well, Piter's watch fascinates me.  It is a pretty remarkable device, one which could cause many problems if not used just the right way.  Of course, if you read Arag and Nigel (when I publish them) you will start to understand what I mean.

Other books I am working on include Another Will May Prevail, A Way Without Abandon, Welcome to the Other Side, and Goetz.  Goetz is pretty far along now, although I know I will have to rework the last third of it, given that I don't like the ending.  A Way Without Abandon is also getting close to complete, but I want to go back through and better flesh out Miles' motivations and better explore his limits as a man.  Welcome to the Other Side has been a complete first draft for quite some time, but I have some reservations about it, so I might do a serious rewrite.  And then there is Another Will May Prevail, which is something I believe I have wanted to write ever since I began writing.

It is a philosophical comedy, maybe a farce, but is about as serious as serious can be, the product of a thought that quickly became belief, a belief that has completely changed my point of view on so many things (hopefully for the better.)  This book I will write at a slower pace.  It is a complicated work, something that can't be written quickly, primarily because the concepts in the book are not terribly easy to understand (at least not for me.)  So, I go slowly to make sure that these concepts will be easy for others to understand.  Anyway, I think I have an excerpt for it here somewhere....  The Big Box.  That is the opening of the book.  Of course, I am going to rewrite it later on, but it will give you the tone.

There are other completed books that I haven't published.  Perhaps I will get around to publishing them some day (after I rewrite them a bunch of times.)

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