Sunday, 5 June 2016

Whiling Way the Hours

I am a programmer by trade, so, as you might expect, I program quite a bit.  More often than not, I am writing programs for the company that pays me to program (my thanks to them.)  When I am not doing that which I am employed to do (write programs for my employer), I write programs for myself.

Today, I wrote a program that "read" Kev and then rewrote it.  I have to say, the results were more than a little interesting.  Of course, the new version was rubbish, but it had some gems.  I know where I went wrong, of course, and I will likely do more work on this program, at least up until I reach a point where I am screaming at my computer and throwing things at other things (while screaming.)

Here is an example of what my program thought would be high art...just a little bit...

Note...its pretty bad...well, really bad, but it is actually better than you might think when you are thinking it is truly bad...

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w what I were.
Ruby suspected was B24ME.

Now, one thing you should know is that the program analyzed the book and then kept track of all of the ordered word type combinations as well as the words themselves and their frequency of use, as well also of words used, there is some order to this madness, but it is still quite far away from anything that would make any sense.  So, my point is, natural language processing is a real pain in the ass.  Further, natural language generation is an even bigger pain in the ass...but it is quite a bit of fun up until the point where you start screaming at your computer and throwing things at other things.

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