Meet Kev, a wonderful guy by all accounts.  Well, maybe that isn't entirely accurate.  Some might find him a little difficult to be around given his rather chronic memory problems, memory problems that have caught Kev and his friends (everyone in all of the infinite universes) in a sort of loop, a loop that won't be broken unless Kev can get his memories back and figure things out (or all creation comes to a horrible end, a distinct possibility, given that Satan is quite sick of this whole existence thing.)  Of course, saving all of creation is far from all Kev will have to do.  He will have to try to save humanity from a mad Bladrithian, the universe from himself and nihilistic Canadians, and survive a deadly intergalactic game show hosted by a psychotic autonomous electronic entity named B24ME.  None of this will be easy with Kev's memories lost, lost at least for the most part most of the time, and his friends playing a game with him, a game with rules Kev has forgotten, rules that Kev's friends won't share with him (most of the time), and goals that are completely lost on him, a most unwelcome distraction from the core problems Kev faces.  Join Kev as he travels back and forth in time, to other worlds and dimensions, has many enlightening green tea experiences (soon forgotten), falls in love with the girl, develops a lifelong friendship with Clive, is confounded by the diabolical Aputi, has many lovely encounters with a beautiful (most of the time) Nidian named Ruby, enjoys what time he can with his family, gets the scoop from Jesus (another wonderful guy), discovers who Satan is, develops a profound belief in God, and visits both heaven (briefly) and hell (for longer than he would like.)